Completing my qualification as a fitter and turner in 1996 in Cape Town, South Africa, I went travelling for a few years. I contracted in the UK for almost 12 years as a CNC machinist in the motorsport and aerospace industries. At the end of 2008, I immigrated to Australia where I worked as a machinist for 6 years.  Based in the beautiful south west region of WA, I enjoy the lifestyle and surf I fell in love with all those years ago during my travels.


With over 20 years experience as a Machinist, I have developed an eye for quality and attention to detail. I enjoy working with my customers to develop their ideas and produce the product they desire.  My aim is to be efficient and have jobs completed as soon as possible or to the deadline requested. 


1. CNC Router – bed is 1220mm X 1220mm cutting area  

2. CNC Laser Cutter – bed is  1200mm X 900mm cutting area 

3. Pacific Turret  Manual Milling Machine.


The forests of Western Australia’s south west are carefully managed to protect all the values of the forest.
These forests also support a strictly limited, sustainable harvest of native hardwoods.


Western Australian jarrah (Eucalyptus marginata) is one of the world’s great hardwoods. Fine furniture made from jarrah is prized not only in WA, but commands a world market.

Jarrah is extensively used in many Western Australian homes, for flooring, furniture and cabinetry, as well as for structural purposes. 


Karri (Eucalyptus diversicolor) is a native species found in Western Australia that can grow up to 70 metres. Karri predominantly grows in the south-west, some 300 kilometres south of Perth.

Karri can be used to make furniture, flooring and panelling. Because of its great strength and length, karri is used in many structural applications.


Often referred to as ‘Red Gum’, marri (Corymbia calophylla) can grow up to 40 metres. Unlike jarrah and karri, marri can be found as far north as Geraldton. Feature grade furniture, which emphasises the natural features of the timber, such as gum lines, to enhance its attractiveness, has seen a boost in the demand for marri. Its lighter colour has also proved popular.


WA Sheoak (Allocasuarina fraseriana) is a smaller tree, growing to 15 metres high. WA sheoak is often found in coastal areas and as far south as Albany. WA sheoak can be used for furniture, turnery, flooring and woodwork.


WA Blackbutt (Eucalyptus patens) is sometimes known as ‘yarri’, and grows up to 45 metres tall. It can be found through-out the South-West as far south as Albany. Mainly used as a flooring timber, blackbutt has limited availability as most WA blackbutt is in nature reserves.


All our products are made to order and customised to your needs – get in touch with me so we can get your job started.